Patents highlight flow potential in pharma industry

Cited in 34 granted patents to date in the past decade, Vapourtec’s reactors and systems continue to play a pivotal and practical role in major flow chemistry research breakthroughs by big pharma all over the world. The following information is available via public patents.

Swiss pharmaceutical giant Hoffman La Roche and UK-based GlaxoSmithKline lead the way with five and four patents respectively but other major names such as Janssen Pharmaceutica (part of Johnson & Johnson) and US firm Eli Lilly and Co have also benefited from using Vapourtec’s continuous flow technologies.

Australian public body CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) and Germany’s independent, non-profit research agency Max Planck-Gesellschaft also feature prominently in the list of granted patents citing Vapourtec since 2010.

Vapourtec MD and founder Duncan Guthrie said: “It’s immensely gratifying to know that our innovations are bringing real value into real world settings for all of the major pharma firms. Flow chemistry is undoubtedly the future and I’m pleased to say Vapourtec is leading the way in pioneering granted patents.

“Patents such as “Method and device for the synthesis of artemisinin” (Seeberger PH, Kopetzki D, Lévesque F of Max Planck-Gesellschaft) and “Trypanosomes inhibitors” (Giroud, M., Haap, W., Kuhn, B. and Martin, R.E. of Hoffman La Roche) to name but two represent big steps forward in Malaria and cancer chemotherapy treatments,” added Duncan.


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