Birthday surprise gets the Kyle smile

Nine-year-old Kyle Morrison got a spectacular lockdown birthday surprise after meeting his ‘heroes’ in Pokemon character Pikachu, Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee from the Transformers movies.

Kyle, from Cheshunt in Hertfordshire, has a brain tumour and was facing a lonely lockdown ninth birthday with just his parents until Mike Frissy, founder of Facebook site Corona Karaoke, stepped in to organise the special treat.

The experience drew a big thumbs up and a beaming smile from Kyle whose parents are desperately hoping to raise £278,000 in order to send him to the US for a potentially lifesaving trial treatment.

“This is amazing. I can’t believe it’s happening” enthused the wheelchair-bound youngster whilst delighted dad Craig exclaimed: “It’s been a very special day and a big treat for our brave son.”

Mike, based over 70 miles away in Oxfordshire, explained: “Kyle’s parents got in touch through my Facebook site and I immediately set to work on making it a special day for him.

“I found out that he is a big fan of Transformers and Pokemon so I sent a couple of emails and messages out to people to see what we could do for him. Within 24 hours we’d managed to arrange him a visit from the iconic Hasbro Optimus Prime Truck and Bumble Bee car as well as Pikachu courtesy of Toy Planet.

“We headed up to Cheshunt on Saturday (30th May) to surprise him bringing lots of transformer toys and other gifts from people on my Facebook site.

“It was a very emotional experience for all concerned and we’re now focusing our efforts on helping his parents raise the funds for the US treatment,” added Mike.

Mike’s Facebook page, started at the beginning of the covid-19 lockdown, has so far attracted over 23,000 followers from 84 nations.

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